Australian Power Quality & Reliability Centre

Established 1996
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About Us

The Australian Power Quality & Reliability Centre is a centre of excellence for research, education and consulting in distribution and transmission system power quality, reliability and renewable energy systems.

The Power Quality & Reliability Centre was established in 1996 as Australia's first Power Quality Centre. Since then industry funding has continued to support the Power Quality & Reliability Centre contributing close to $6 million of sponsorship over the past 26 years.

The focus of the Centre is to work in conjunction with industry to improve the quality and reliability of electricity supply for the benefit of all consumers.

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The Centre conducts applied research into a wide range of power quality issues including network and equipment performance, monitoring and reporting and standards.

Research is also being conducted into distribution system reliability and renewable energy system integration. More about research...


The Centre also runs regular continuing education courses in the area of power quality as well as other specialised courses from time to time. More about training...

There are also opportunities for postgraduate study with the Centre at the University of Wollongong. More about studying...


The expertise of the Centre is made available to industry and to power utilities to provide expert advice and consulting in areas such as power quality monitoring and reporting, power quality investigations and reliability improvement and renewable energy systems. More about consulting...

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