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Phil Ciufo Photo

Associate Professor Phil Ciufo

Associate Professor


Philip Ciufo graduated from the University of Wollongong with a B.E. (Hons) in Electrical Engineering in 1990 whilst also completing an Industry Cadetship. In 1991 he joined the University as Research Associate where he worked on several research projects and provided engeering support to many of the research programs within the School of Electrical Computer and Telecommunications Engineering. He obtained an M.E. (Hons) in Electrical Engineering in 1993. He joined the academic staff of the University after completing his Ph.D. in 2002. The title of his thesis was "Magnetic Modelling and Sensorless Control of the Synchronous Reluctance Machine". Philip also had various stints in industry as an Electrical Engineer before returning to academia in 2007.

It was with deep sadness to all who knew him that Philip succumbed to cancer in February 2018 after a year long battle.

In a world of increasing specialisation Phil was a unique and skilled ‘all-rounder’ whose technical skills spanned wide areas of electrical engineering and who has made research and teaching contributions across electrical machines and power, electronics, computing and telecommunications. He was at home both in academia and in industry.

Phil was a strong and empathetic advocate for the well-being of students. His actions were governed by his strongly held and principled views about the responsibilities of academics to provide students with good support and a high quality and industrially relevant curriculum. He led by example and, long before it became fashionable, he initiated several student-centred projects which he mentored with great success supported by his exceptional expertise.

Phil was instrumental in establishing the present world class teaching labs in power engineering at UOW. He played a significant role in initiating and managing Masters and PhD level research projects as a member of the Power Engineering group and was a key member of the present Australian Power Quality and Reliability Centre (APQRC). He worked hard to ensure that the power engineering teaching and research activities moved forward and that APQRC continued to grow.

With typical unselfishness Phil volunteered often to contribute to School and Faculty business.

Phil is remembered for his passionate, strongly articulated, common sense views on life in general as well as on teaching and research issues and for his practical, forthright and honest approaches and contributions to the many issues faced by Academia and its interactions with students, Industry and the professions. His infectious enthusiasm came through in every facet of his life—his pride in and love of his family, his devotion to honesty and principled behaviours, and even in his energetic bicycle riding amazing the more sedentary of his friends.

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