Australian Power Quality & Reliability Centre

Established 1996

Research & Development at APQRC

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Research strengths

The Centre has many areas of research in the fields of power quality and reliability including:

  • Power Quality
    • Power quality surveying methodology
    • Power quality data compression, analysis, reporting and datamining
    • The impact of distributed generation and renewable energy sources on power quality
    • How to leverage the smart grid paradigm to improve power quality
    • Voltage fluctuations and flicker
    • Voltage unbalance
    • Harmonic management in distribution and transmission systems
    • Interpretation of standards and their development
    • Load control ripple signal amplification and mitigation
    • Power quality instrumentation operation and standards
    • Equipment immunity to power quality disturbances
    • Achievable sag characteristics and limits for distribution systems
    • Database structures for power quality data
  • Reliability
    • Distribution system reliability improvement
    • Simplifying reliability reporting tools
    • Identifying state-of-art reliability practices
  • Distributed generation
    • Distributed generation integration with distribution networks
    • Modelling of renewable energy generation such as wind farms and PV systems
    • Distributed generation in the smart grid
    • Energy storage systems for distributed generatio.

Centre staff are also active on various standards and industry committees and working groups.

Vic Gosbell is a member of the following committees and working groups:

  • CIGRE Australian Panel C4 System Technical Performance International
  • CIGRE-CIRED Working Group C4.103 Emission Limits for Disturbing Installations
  • International IEC Working Group 8 Description of the electromagnetic environment associated with the disturbances present on electricity supply networks
  • ENA Reliability and Power Quality Group, Team 4, Power Quality
  • Standards Australia EL-034 Power Quality

Sarath Perera is a member of the following committees and working groups:

  • CIGRE Australian Panel C4 System Technical Performance International
  • CIGRE-CIRED Working Group C4.108 Flicker Objectives
  • CIGRE-CIRED Working Group C4.109 Emission Assessment Techniques
  • CIGRE-CIRED Working Group C4.111 LV and MV Compatibility Levels for Voltage Fluctuations

Sean Elphick is a member of the CIGRE-CIRED Working Group C4.112 Power Quality Monitoring working group.

Kashem Muttaqi is on the CIGRE Australian Panel C6 - Distributed generation in distribution systems.


Modelling of Power Quality Disturbances for Improved Mitigation Techniques
Harmonic Allocation to Major Loads in Transmission Systems
On the Identification of Optimal Allowable Distributed and Renewable Generation Capacity in the Power Distribution System
Emergency Control for Catastrophic Disturbance in Future Power Grids
Implementation of Techno-Economic Voltage Unbalance Methodologies in Power Systems
Optimised and Cost Effective Operation of Microgrids
Distributed Energy Storage for Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle Applications
Detection, Analysis and Mitigation of Voltage Sag/Swell in Renewable Energy Rich Power Grids
Distributed Generation for Energy Harvesting in Distribution systems using Hybrid Energy Storage
Impacts of Renewable and Distributed Generation on Power Quality and Reliability
Cooperative strategies for improving power quality, utilisation and resilience in the operation and control of microgrids
Sizing and Design of Microgrids and Energy Management Systems for Grid Connected, Stand-Alone and Islanded Operation
A customer oriented Comprehensive Power Quality (PQ) Management with DNSP, Utilities, and IPPs
Improving Energy Storage management Systems in Electric Vehicles
Optimal Energy Management and Demand Response Strategies for Net Zero Energy Homes and Precincts

Project Supporters:
This research is supported by Evoenergy along with Solcast, who provide solar forecasting data.

Small Signal Stability Aspects Associated with Integrated Wind-HVDC Systems
Impact of Electric Vehicles in Power grids Considering Reliability and Power Quality Constraints
Predictive Control for Uncertainty Optimisation in Distributed Smart Grids
Optimal planning for synchronous and non-synchronous generating resources in an interconnected power grid
Harmonic Investigation of Large-Scale Wind and Solar Farms
Study of Three Phase Induction Motor Operation Under Unbalanced Supply Voltages
Renewable Energy based Hybrid System for Rural and Remote Communities
Voltage Control in PV Rich Distribution Networks
Collaborative Operation of Solar Photovoltaic and Wind Generation in Virtual Power Plant Environment by Improving Predictability
New Topologies and Advanced Control of Power Electronic Converters for Renewable Energy based Microgrids
Planning for Renewable Energy Rich Large Interconnected Power-grid
Development of high Fidelity models for large scale solar energy generating systems
Improved Fault Ride Through Capability for Grid Integrated Distributed Generation System
Control and Protection of Renewable Energy based Micro-grids
Power quality issues with large scale solar integration
Energy Storage to Improve Power Quality and Reliability in Microgrids
Power Converter Design and Implementation for Future Power Grids
Volt/Var Control Strategies for Active Distribution Networks Embedded with renewable and Distributed Energy Resources
Controlling Integrity of Interconnected Renewable Energy Rich Power Systems after Emergencies
Impact of Renewable Energy on Power Quality
Power Quality Improvements in Distribution Network using Community Battery Energy Storage Systems
Management of Micorgrids.




Design of Multi-level Power Convertors with Random Time Vector Control Switching for Network Support














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